“The Shadow in the Attic”
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“The Shadow in the Attic”

“The Shadow in the Attic”


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Written horror stories

 The house on the hill was rumored to be haunted. The locals whispered about strange noises coming from the attic and shadows that moved on their own. But Samantha and her husband, Mark, didn’t believe in ghosts, so they decided to buy the house and renovate it.

The first few weeks were uneventful. They repainted the walls, replaced the old furniture, and made the house livable. But one night, Samantha heard something coming from the attic. It was a scratching sound, like something was trying to claw its way out.
She woke up Mark, but he didn’t hear anything. He went back to sleep, but Samantha stayed awake, listening to the noise until it faded away.
The next night, the scratching sound returned, but this time, it was louder. Samantha tried to wake up Mark again, but he was fast asleep. She decided to investigate on her own, so she climbed up to the attic.
It was dark, but Samantha could see a shadow moving in the corner of the room. She turned on the flashlight on her phone and shone it towards the shadow. It was a large, black figure with glowing red eyes.
Samantha screamed and ran back down to the bedroom, waking up Mark in the process. He thought she was having a nightmare, but when she told him what she saw, he decided to check it out.

Horror stories that really happened

They both climbed up to the attic, but there was nothing there. No shadow, no scratching sound, nothing. Mark told Samantha that it was probably just her imagination playing tricks on her.
But Samantha knew what she saw. And as the weeks went on, the shadow in the attic became more and more present. It would move around the room, watching her every move. She tried to ignore it, but it was always there, lurking in the dark.
One night, Samantha woke up to find the shadow standing over her bed. It was no longer a shadow, but a full-bodied apparition. It reached out to touch her, but she screamed and ran out of the room.
The next morning, Samantha and Mark packed their bags and left the house on the hill. They never returned, but the locals continued to whisper about the shadow in the attic, and the couple who fled in terror.
Years went by, and the house on the hill remained abandoned. The shadow in the attic was forgotten by most, but not by Samantha. She couldn’t shake the feeling that it was still watching her, even after all these years.
One day, Samantha received a call from her old neighbor, Mrs. Jenkins. She told her that the house on the hill was being renovated by a new family. Samantha was hesitant to go back, but Mrs. Jenkins convinced her to come and see the changes they had made.
Samantha agreed and made her way up to the house on the hill. As she walked up the front steps, she couldn’t help but feel a sense of dread. But she pushed through it and entered the house.

Short written horror stories

The new family had done a lot of work to the place. The walls were freshly painted, the floors were polished, and the furniture was new. Samantha couldn’t help but feel envious of the family that would get to live in such a beautiful home.
But as they made their way up to the attic, Samantha’s heart began to race. She could feel the shadow’s presence growing stronger with each step.
When they entered the attic, Samantha’s worst fears were confirmed. The shadow was there, looming over them like a dark cloud. The new family couldn’t see it, but Samantha could feel its cold breath on the back of her neck.
She tried to warn them, but they didn’t believe her. They thought she was just trying to scare them, but Samantha knew better. She had been through it before.
As they left the house, Samantha couldn’t help but feel guilty. She knew what was waiting for them, but she didn’t say anything. She didn’t want to ruin their dreams of a perfect home.
But as the days went by, Samantha couldn’t shake the feeling that something was wrong. She went back to the house on the hill, hoping to warn the new family about the shadow.
But when she arrived, the house was empty. The family was gone, and there was no sign of them anywhere. Samantha knew what had happened. The shadow in the attic had claimed its next victims.
From that day on, Samantha made it her mission to warn others about the shadow in the attic. She knew the danger it posed, and she didn’t want anyone else to suffer the same fate as the family on the hill.

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